We offer you some small tips of use that will prolong the good condition of your jewelry:

Factors such as the pH of the skin, body fat and environmental humidity, among others, can oxidize all metals.

Cleaning is very simple if you have good maintenance.

For this you can use water with baking soda or an eraser for jewelry with a matte finish.

All finishes are degraded with use, rubbing and the passage of time. Be especially careful with rusted, rhodium and gold rings and bracelets.

It will depend on these factors and the use that you give the jewel the duration of the same, to show it in perfect condition as long as possible.

If you need to restore your pieces, we offer you a service for it. Contact us at tass@tassjoies.com and we will explain how we carry out this process.

We choose precious and semiprecious stones for their beauty and color. Any grain, roughness or imperfection is natural and this adds beauty to your jewel, making it unique.

If your jewelry has stones or pearls, our recommendation is that you use your cosmetics and perfumes before putting it on, since the color and shine of natural stones can be altered by the chemical products and thus the stones will be preserved in perfect condition.