One of a kind

Unique Jewels. We select precious and semi precious stones to create handcrafted and unique gold and silver jewelry. Every design and every jewel it's one of a kind and exclusive piece, handmade in our workshop in Barcelona and adapted to the shape and size of the natural stone.

One of a kind 

  • 190,00 € In Stock

       One of a kind pendant pendant. Handmade in silver for this beautiful crisocola. The stone measures 3.5 cm in diameter.

    190,00 €
  • 495,00 € Out of stock

    Design ring with watermelon tourmaline. This two-tone ring is made of 18 kt gold (the frame that surrounds the stone) and in sterling silver (the arm of the ring). The centerpiece measures approx 7 x 6 cms. The arm is round wire and measures approx. 1.8 mm thick. It is a one of a kind only available in size 13.

    495,00 €
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